Above and Beyond!

Earlier this year, a potential client contacted me.  She asked if I could play two particular songs that are not usual bagpipe songs.  I told her, “If it is on Youtube, I can learn it.”  Big mistake!

The first song was Cat Stevens “Morning has Broken”.  I actually found bagpipe music for this song and all was good.

The second song was Ed Sheran’s “Perfect”.  I checked Youtube. Well there was one and only one video of someon playing the song on the pipes.

I began my search for bagpipe music for this tune.  After exhaustive searches, it was not to be found.  I returned to the Youtube bagpiper performance of this song.  Under the comment section, I requested the music.

I did get a response.  It turns out the man in the video is the administrator at The Sydney School of Piping and Drumming, Barry Gray.    The music arrived and I practiced, practiced and practiced this piece.  Of the hundreds of songs I have played, this one was 100% more difficult than the hardest song I played before.  Well, I finally did master it and all went fabulously!

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